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Математика на английском. Материалы по 3 занятию
17.10.2015, 17:26

Решим задачи?

Part 1

  1. There are 1030 books in the library. We bought 67 more books for the library. How many books are there in the library now?
  2. 1085 girls and 531 boys took part in an art competition. How many students took part in the competition altogether?
  3. After giving $1085 to his wife, Simon had $746 left. How money had he at first?
  4. Margret sold 1392 meatballs on Friday. She sold 1940 more meatballs on Saturday than on Friday. How many meatballs did she sell on Saturday?

Part 2

1.  The price of a computer is $1709, the price of a printer is $280, and the price of a scanner is $190. What is the total cost of the three items?

2.  Lily saved $1620. Polly saved $1923 more than Lily. How much did they save altogether?

3.  Dan paid $155 for a printer and $378 more for a computer. How much did Dan pay for the 2 items altogether?

Part 3

1.  Jessica has 1135 beads. 604 beads are red and the rest are blue. How many blue beads does she have?

2.  James and Ken donated $2300 to a charitable organization. Ken donated $658. How much did James donate?

3.  The price of a car is $2795 and the price of a motorbike is $1063. What is the difference between the prices of the 2 vehicles?

4.  There are 967 chairs in a hall. During an event, 761 chairs were occupied. How many chairs were not occupied?

Part 4

  1. A sports club had 2564 members. 130 members left the club after a year. How many new members should the club recruit in order to have 3000 members?
  2. Henry bought a shirt and a tie. The shirt costs $187 and the tie costs $45 less than the shirt. Find the change that Henry received, if he paid $200 for the tie.

Part 5

  1. A chair costs $12. What is the cost of 3 such chairs?
  2. Nick delivers 405 newspapers in a day. How many newspapers does he deliver in 5 days?

Part 6

  1. A jacket costs 3 times as much as a pair of shoes. If the pair of shoes costs $56, what is the total cost of the jacket and the pair of shoes?
  2. Betty needs 2245g of sugar to bake some cookies. She has 4 packets of sugar. The mass of each packet of sugar is 500g. How much more sugar does she need?
  3. Susan has 400 sheets of paper. She gives 5 sheets of paper to every student in a class. There are 62 students in the class. How many sheets of paper has she left?

Part 7

  1. There are 160 grade 3 students in a school. The students are to be equally divided into 5 classes. How many students do we have in each class?
  2. Melissa made 326 cupcakes. She packed 4 cupcakes into each box. How many boxes of cupcakes did she pack? How many cupcakes were left unpacked?

Part 8

  1. Marcus had 700 marbles. He gave away 175 marbles and put the remaining marbles equally into 5 bags. How many marbles were there in each bag?
  2. Rosalind made 364 donuts. She put 8 donuts into each box.
    a) How many boxes of donuts were there? How many donuts were left over?
    b) If she sold each box for $3, how much money would she receive?

Part 9

  1. There were 42 mangoes in each crate. 12 such crates of mangoes were delivered to a factory. 4 mangoes were rotten and had to be thrown away. The remaining mangoes were packed into boxes of 10 mangoes each. How many boxes of mangoes were there?
  2. There were 9500 spectators at a football match. 6375 of them were men. Of the remaining spectators, there were 4 times as many children as women. How many children were there?
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